Barista Tips

Barista Tips

A truly great barista has a real passion for coffee. More than just the beans or the blend, like a sommelier, they have an inherent understanding of every little detail that goes into making the perfect coffee.

It’s about colour and flavour and texture and smell. And when your customer sits down and takes that first delicious sip – mmmm, now THAT’S a damn good coffee!


    It all starts with the freshness of the beans. Keep a close eye on your bean supplies, and make sure that your order is replenished weekly. We roast to order and send our beans fresh to your door so make sure your beans are used within at least ten days.

    Like a fine wine, beans are most comfortable in a cool, dark place. This will maintain the maximum flavour longer. And an airtight container will help to retain the unique aroma of your beans for as long as possible.

    Now this is where the first test of a truly great barista comes in to play. Knowing how and when to gently fine-tune the grind to suit the beans is where the art of making a great coffee really starts.

    The general rule of thumb is to choose a finer grind when water is in contact with the coffee for a shorter time. Therefore, a coarser grind will be more fitting for plungers and percolators whereas a finer grind will suit espresso machines.

    Developing a real feel for the correct grind then comes with an understanding of fine-tuning for humidity, the temperature of the day, the type of beans used, etc. And, of course, understanding your grinder.

    To avoid the taste of your coffee being tainted by old sediments or used extraction oils, it is important to ensure your coffee making equipment is completely clean before your start.

    Wipe out all removable parts that have come in contact with the previous pour.

    Now focus on getting a nice slow pour so you achieve the colour of liquid caramel. Of course, this will also largely depend on the accuracy of the grind but a slow, consistent pour can also significantly improve the colour, flavour and aroma of your finished cup of coffee.

    Keep a close eye on the flow of the coffee from the spouts. As soon as the streams begin to pale or twist, cut off the shot to prevent your coffee tasting like gumboot tea. Timing is everything!

    Download our quick Barista Tip Card or complete training guide, or ask your Fusion Caffeine Expert for a copy next time he calls at your café.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with training.


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