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Fusion has a delectable new drinking chocolate - Fräus "Seriously rich" range of chocolate products are a result of blending the most precious and aromatic cacao, with a variety of natural products to create a drinking chocolate regarded amongst the worlds finest!

The range of Fräus flavours dates back to the old tradition of chocolate making by the European masters. By blending the precious "Caraque", regarded as the most aromatic and rare of Cocoa available, they were able to produce noble recipes exclusive to the royalty of Europe and eventually introduced into the circles of high society.

Fusion has the exclusive rights to distribution of this delicious drinking chocolate in New Zealand. Fusion stocks the full range of Fräus flavours available for Cafes/Commercial order here, and retail sales are available from our Fusion Coffee roastery in Mt Maunganui or our Eastern Cafe in Papamoa.

Fräus comes in a range of flavours - choose your flavour from Classic Chocolate through to Zabione!


Classic Chocolate

Rich, creamy, thick milk chocolate made from the only the finest quality French cocoa

Bianca / White

Natural ingredients such as milk and cocoa butter make this chocolate a luxurious alternative to the classic drink

Vaniglia / Vanilla

Soft and delicate milk cream that contains within itself the whole refined elegance of pure vanilla.


A seductively creamy, classic chocolate, with undertones of coffee, mascarpone and cocoa.


From the most precious of Turinese recipes, comes a delicate blend of soft nuts, cocoa and nougat of Piedimont.

Caffé / Coffee

Our passion for great coffee has brought us to create a harmonious mixture of soft cream and fine Brazilian coffee. made to savour.

Mou / Caramel

Vigorous and aromatic caramel melted to excellent vanilled cocoa.


For the more discerning, who still wish to enjoy the unmistakeable taste of fine chocolate

White with Hazelnut

Delicious pieces of hazelnut drowned in a cup of creamy white chocolate to give a touch of aristocratic elegance.

Nocciola / Hazelnut

Select hazelnuts covered in nougat caramel and drowned in thin Dutch cocoa.


From the traditional Italian dessert, comes a warm and velvety, delicate cream which is especially satisfying in the colder months.

Meringa / Meringue

A deliciously unique chocolate made to stimulate both your palate and your imagination.

Orange and Cinnamon

Smooth, refined Belgian cocoa with undertones of citrus, and a delicate infusion of cinnamon make this a chocolate lovers dream.


An intensely aromatic blend of South American cocoa and tropical banana.


We combine rich French cocoa with fragrant strawberry to create this indulgent luxury.


A luxuriously well rounded milk chocolate blended with intense flavours of fresh calming mint.


For the more adventurous, we have created this exotic blend of South American cocoa and spicy red chilli's.

Dark Chocolate

For the chocolate connoisseur, a rich, intensely flavoured dark chocolate which contains a richness found only in the finest quality cocoa beans.

Cocco / Coconut

From ancient origins, an intoxicating match of fragrant flakes of coconut dipped in perfumed cocoa of the ivory coast.

Torroncino / Nougat

From the Sicilian tradition, a splendid equilibrium of honey, almonds and nougat, elegantly amalgamated in fine cocoa.



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