Coffee Machine Maintenance

Coffee Machine Maintenance

We will give your machines a quick WOF check every time we visit your café, and will recommend a complete maintenance service when required.

The only way to get the full flavour potential in each pour is to have a machine that is operating in top condition. This means a thorough clean of all parts, internal and external. We also keep an eye out for general wear and tear, recommending that specific parts be replaced before they become a problem.

Your Fusion team will give you easy-care tips to maintain your machine on a daily basis, ensuring you continue to offer your customers the best cup of coffee in town. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Back-flush the machine after every 10 cups or so.
  • Brush under the group head to remove loose grounds of coffee, particularly those stuck to the neoprene seal.
  • Use a special detergent to backwash the group at the end of each day.
  • Soak the filter handles and their cups in backwash detergent at the end of each week, at least.
  • Refresh the water in the boiler by pouring off a litre or two via the tea making tap, about every 2-3 weeks.



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