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Home-Barista... On a Budget!


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Ever wanted to make espresso coffee like the cafe's do, but can't afford the upfront cost of investing in an espresso machine....?

We have come up with the BEST BUNDLE to make espresso coffee at home.... on a budget!

This bundle offer comes with the following:

1 x 3 Cup Bialetti Moka-Express
(induction option available on request at an additional cost)
1 x Jura Hot&Cold Milk Frother
1 x 500g Arataki (ground for stove-top)

Fill your Moka Express with coffee and water and put it on the stove-top to allow the hot pressured water to pass through the coffee and into the top. This unique process creates a delicious concentrated coffee, much like what an espresso machine produces.

The Jura Hot & Cold Milk Frother is the ultimate milk frothing device. Allowing anybody to create perfect velvety-smooth, micro-foam milk (the same quality your barista makes). You have the choice between Cold (perfect for summer - trust us!), Warm or Hot milk frothing options.

Our Arataki Coffee Blend (ground for stove-top) is our medium, all-rounder house blend. This is the blend we use in our roastery to create liquid gold for our customers on a day to day basis! We highly recommend it for the Bialetti because of it's well-balanced, strong flavour profile that melds great with milk based drinks. 

Now incorporate all of the above and you have just become the ULTIMATE Home-Barista... on a budget!


Don't let Summer be a Bummer when it comes to coffee! 

*Offer valid until the 31st of December 2020 or while stocks last*