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The world is your oyster!


Let our Explorer blend take you to different regions across the world. The explorer blend is our roaster’s top pick of the season ranging from single-origins to new uncharted blends. 


Our Explorer brings you – Nemo (Latin for: No-one)!


Nemo, named after Jules Verne’s ‘Captain Nemo’, is a mystical blend that will take your coffee drinking senses to the deepest and most exciting parts of the ocean!   


Nemo is a dark roasted all-round blend full of body and flavour. Three origins make up this blend that creates a smooth, easy to drink coffee with a sweet and sour finish.


Expect flavours of vanilla to tingle your pallet with a burst of biscuit like flavour. A black current tartness rounds off this decadent experience and follows through with that sweet and sour finish. The honey processed Columbian origin found within this blend attributes to its sweetness and body.


Honey Process - 'honey' is a term used for the mucilage left on the beans after the skin and pulp are removed. Honey process is slightly different to natural where the entire cherry (skin, pulp, mucilage) is left on the bean and left to dry. The honey process removes the skin and pulp and leaves some mucilage on the beans. So when these beans are left to dry out on raised beds they retain some acidity from a short fermentation period. 


Tasting Notes: Nemo

Aroma: biscuit / shortbread

Flavour: Vanilla, biscuit and black currents

Body: Full

Aftertaste & Finish: sweet & sour with a drawn-out finish

Recommended use:

Espresso – Easy to drink with good full body

Plunger – Full flavour that won’t wash out in this brewing method.


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