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The world is your oyster!

Let our Explorer blend take you to different regions across the world. The explorer blend is our roaster’s top pick of the season ranging from single-origins to new uncharted blends. 

Our Explorer brings you - Curiosity!

Named after NASA’s Curiosity Rover which explored the Pahrump Hills Region of Gale on Mars. This blend is out of this world…

We bring you an espresso blend which is made up of four origins and roasted to medium/dark. This blend has a balanced flavour profile with sweet and malt biscuit notes and is finished off with a slightly fruity, juicy mouth feel. A main contributor to this juiciness is due to the Natural Processed single origin Yiragcheffe located within Curiosity.

Natural Process – The seed of the fruit is not removed until every layer of the cherry, including the seed, has been dried. This gives more strength, depth and a heavier body than the washed coffee process.

Tasting Notes : Curiosity

Aroma: Malty/Fruity

Flavour: Sweet, Nutty, Fruit like and Mellow

Body: Full

Aftertaste & Finish: Clean and rounded

Recommended use: Espresso – non-pungent full flavour juicy taste

Plunger – full flavour that won’t wash out with in this brewing method.


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