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The world is your Oyster!

Our Explorer blend is a rotating coffee blend that allows our head roaster to explore new coffee origins and roast them up fresh to perfection right here in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga! 

 This season's Explorer blend is something a little different.. but the same.... You'll see!



(Give us a moment to explain just how good this is and why it's going to be GREAT for YOU) 

YOU there - reading this, must love coffee as much as we do... yes?

Well, we don't just drink coffee because of the caffeine hit - we actually like to drink coffee because of the flavours we get from a good brew and the bonus health benefits that come along with it.

What if we said this tastes just like your regular coffee you currently drink BUT you can drink more of it.... maybe even a cuppa for dessert.... why not!?

Due to the huge growth in sales of our Gourmet Swisswater Decaf blend, we thought it would be a perfect chance to experiment and bring you a NEW medium roast Swisswater decaf blend to show just how amazing this COFFEE without caffeine is.

This Anzac SwissWater Decaf Blend is made up of coffee from Central, South American and Indonesian origins. It is 100% chemical free and simply uses water, time and temperature to naturally remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. 

Our Anzac SwissWater Decaf blend is super versatile! Try it through anything from Espresso machines to pour over.

  • Expect a black coffee that shows characteristics of buttery caramel, a silky smooth body and a pure and clean finish.
  • Expect a white coffee that has mellow notes of churned milk chocolate with a smooth finish and light body.  


We highly recommend you try this decaf as it will literally have you smiling from ear to ear!


Give our Explorer - Anzac Swisswater Decaf Blend a go while stocks last.


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