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The world is your Oyster!

Our Explorer blend is a rotating coffee blend that allows our head roaster to explore new coffee origins and roast them up fresh to perfection right here in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga! 


We bring you our Christmas BLEND!

What better way to enjoy summer than with our Explorer's - Christmas Coffee Blend!


This is a medium-dark roasted coffee blend incorporates a sun dried Ethiopian bean. 

The four components of this med - dark roasted coffee blend create a balanced flavour profile with sweet malt biscuit notes.  Followed by a slightly fruity finish (which is the influence of the sun dried Ethiopian).

  • Expect a black coffee that shows characteristics of grape and pear. A full body with a smooth sweet acidity and clean, rounded finish.  
  • Expect a white coffee that has sweet malt notes with a smooth creamy finish and medium body.  


Our Explorer's - Christmas Blend has been carefully roasted to accommodate all brewing methods from espresso right the way through to Chemex and Cold Brew.


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