Fusion Coffee Storage Tin
Fusion Coffee Storage Tin Fusion Coffee Storage Tin
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Fusion Coffee Storage Tin

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Do you need a specific storage container for your overflow coffee beans?

This coffee tin is perfect for storing your Fusion Coffee beans/grinds ensuring they are fresh and ready for your next brew!


Store up to 250g of coffee beans in this tin.


For maximum freshness - store your coffee in an airtight container like this one in a cool dark room.


* Do NOT store your coffee in the fridge - this will dry out your coffee leaving it stale and tasteless. There is also a high chance of condensation or moisture to damage the quality of your coffee.


*Do NOT store your coffee in the freezer. Although storing coffee in the freezer prolongs the life of your coffee, the high risk of condensation or moisture getting into your coffee makes this an unviable option.


Best practice is to purchase your fresh coffee on a 1 - 3 week cycle. That ensures you will get a tasty cup of coffee every time!