JURA 3in1 cleaning tablets - 25 tablet blister pack
JURA 3in1 cleaning tablets - 25 tablet blister pack
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JURA 3in1 cleaning tablets - 25 tablet blister pack

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NEW - JURA 3 in 1 - 25 tablet blister pack
The previous 3-phase cleaning tablet tub of 25 is replaced by 3-phase cleaning tablet 25 blister pack.

3 in 1 Cleans, cares and protects

The 3-phase cleaning tablet cleans, cares and protects the JURA fully automatic machine.
With the new care phase, the JURA cleaning tablet has been advanced even more intensively.
The new care phase contains so-called complexing agents.
These remove calcium and magnesium deposits.
The combination of these 3-phases makes the new 3-phase cleaning tablet more significant than ever.
With this new technology in the care sector, JURA also stands out from numerous imitations.
Because only original JURA care products guarantee perfect coffee enjoyment!


• Perfect coffee machine protection thanks to sealing phase (protection phase)
• Perfect hygiene thanks to cleaning phase
• Long-term improvement in coffee quality thanks to the new phase, which removes coffee fats and residues from the brewing unit even more effectively.
• Nothing has changed in the application for the customer.
Phase 3: Protection Prevents lime deposits
Phase 2: Care Seals and protects sustainably
Phase 1: Cleaning Dissolves coffee grease effectively

The result

With the innovative 3-phase cleaning tablets you can clean, care for and protect your JURA automatic coffee machine all in one go. The result is hygienic cleanliness, a longer service life – and the perfect coffee, cup after cup.

Consistently eco- friendly

At JURA, environmentally responsible product design is just as important as the sustainable use of resources and energy. That’s why JURA uses only a phosphate-free formula for its original cleaning tablets. This optimised formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene for your coffee machine and also has a lower environmental impact.