What coffee related gifts you should be giving this Christmas!


Whatever you do - make sure you understand the entire process of the brewing equipment you purchase for someone before you make that purchase.

For instance - Aeropress sounds like a fantastic idea for your nephew until he prepares a coffee and realises it's only enough for himself while his new girlfriend has to wait another five minutes before she can have her cup.
Yes - that's right - now his cup of coffee is cold...

Think about the coffee making process your intended giftee will go through and if that suits their lifestyle.

You can't go wrong with some delicious coffee! Have a look at our blend range to see which blend would suit your taste buds and brewing process best.
*Make sure you find out if your giftee has a grinder or not - this will let you know whether they can use whole coffee beans or if they need it to be pre-ground by us.

The Espro is our favourite coffee maker when it comes to everyday use for the most refined, clean-mouth feel plunger in town. It's perfect for making multiple delicious coffees in the space of approximately 5 mins.

If you know someone who loves barista-style coffee and is on a budget then we totally recommend getting them our 'Home Barista... On a Budget' bundle. The Bialleti is the closest thing to espresso coffee you can get without investing in a machine and it's really simple and easy to use by just adding water, ground coffee and putting it on the stove-top until it whistles at you. Combine this with the Jura Hot&Cold Milk Frother and you are guaranteed to make the best Cappuccinos and Lattes in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes! What's even better is it only sets you back $268 (slightly more for the induction option).

Ok so coffee is a ritual for you and you won't compromise on time, cleanliness or quality.
We've got you covered with our Jura Super Automatic Coffee Machine range. Fresh whole coffee beans, fresh milk and all you have to do is push a button! *THIS IS NOT A VENDING MACHINE!*
Our Jura coffee machines are currently on our biggest sale of the year for you and trust us - you won't go wrong with one of these machines. 
Take a look at our biggest offer with the 'Touch Your Coffee to Life' bundle where you save 500$!
Oh.. and although it may seem like a lot of money upfront - you can rest assured that you will be saving in the long run with an estimated $0.75c running cost per double shot espresso which includes all the cleaning products and filters to operate these machines (excludes milk cost). 

There you have it!
Some advice on giving coffee gifts this year and some options we think your giftees will love!





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